Support Divine Mother God

Divine Mother God is trying to reach out to Souls Worldwide...

Many countries do not have the advantages that we have in the way of websites and technical infrastructure... yet they need to know about the Fifth Dimension

To help yourself rise up into the Fifth Dimension...

Supporting others entry by helping them understand what is happening... How they can be part of it... Will help you to lift your soul to the Vibratory Level of the Fifth Dimension.

Lift Yourself by Lifting Others

When you are able to lend a helping hand to Divine Mother by helping her Children to ascend to the Fifth Dimension along with you... It heightens your experience of Joyfulness and Divine Grace!

Donate funding to Divine Mother and Her Projects

Divine Mother relies on people like yourself to share support and resources for her projects.

If you are willing to share with Divine Mother and send a donation, she will be most grateful ... and will support you back ... in ways that are truly beautiful, and deeply helpful.

You may send a donation to the Divine Mother by sending a wire through your local bank to the account of the Divine Mother Foundation: Routing Number 2 Account Number 0 Divine Mother will thank you personally`

Routing Number 263182312

 Account Number 00000281016443893