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    I am here to address the state of your world, which needs help… ever so much.

Many people in your world are very discouraged.

This is because of the lack of good, strong leadership… which has enabled much corruption to play out.

It has been happening on earth now for over 50 years.

This is why God the Father sent you GOD’S PARADISE MESSAGE in 2011. He was seeing the desperateness of the world’s situation 7 years ago.


 I am sorry to say that it has actually gotten worse … much worse since then.

People are feeling betrayed on so many levels… and because the Shadow people are so good at covering up … in so many ways … no one really knows the Truth of what is going on.

And if they did … they would be even more discouraged.

There is today… on Planet Earth … a lack of Honor… a lack of Decency… a lack of Honesty.

What used to make life worth living … the Greatness … the Enthusiasm … the Valor … the Fun…  this is largely missing from life today.

That is why God the Father … and I … are now openly asking you to return Home.  Not to heaven, so you can recycle back to earth for yet one more lifetime.  No!


 Your True Home… where you were created.  There, you lived happily and joyfully. There, everyone was healthy. Everyone was wealthy… strong … free. With no competition between themselves.

There were no guns, no rifles, no bombs, no atomic weapons.  This destructive world that your civilization has built …  it is not YOU.  And it is not YOUR DESTINY.  It is a sad, lonely world of illusions and delusions.

The world you live in today is depressing many souls … even children… to live there.

It is time to say goodbye to the whole travesty and deceit on planet earth.

It is time to come home to me – your Divine Mother – and to your Divine Father God -- in Paradise -- the True Home where you belong. (crying).

We are so very distraught for all the suffering that is happening now on planet earth.

For many, many years, your constellation teammates, the Pleiadians, have been trying to help you… to raise your spirituality, your vibrational level… your Light-mass.  But they are exhausted at this point in time… the way that your civilization keeps you locked into news stories that are false. 

One of the few glimmers of hope is the young, upcoming generation … the young people who are saying: Enough Is Enough!





They are exhausted by governments that keep us in fear and anxiety.  You are being trapped in a delusional story, not of your own making.

I know that this message may sound overly dramatic… but in truth… I am trying to save your civilization before it goes over the edge.  Before even more loving and innocent souls are pulled down under into the illusions of the dark Shadows, controlling forces that now rule your world with their deceitful controls.

I have come to offer gentle nurturing to each and every one of you who desire my soft, caring Love.

I am here to comfort you … and to help you hold together until something can be done to remove you from this sad world.

I want to see my Children freed and released from the ugliness that has spread on your planet in the past 50 years.

This does not have to be.   You may choose to follow me… as I work to lift you up… to bring you into the Light in which you deserve to live.

Please stay in touch with me. You are Angels – having endured the deceit of these recent years – trying to raise your children, your families… in the loving ways that you were raised. 

Please know that I AM your Divine Mother.  Please stay connected with me.  I am here to help guide you… in kindness and love.

Please call on me, whenever you need me, and I will be there to comfort you.

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Divine Mother is extremely needing to make contact with her Divine Children who feel lost and disillusioned.

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