About Us

We began taking down a long and loving message from Blessed Mother Mary published in 2001 under the name Mary's Message of Love.

The book is available on Amazon and has a website called Mary's Message of Love

This past year Divine Mother asked us to help her with the process of helping souls into the Fifth Dimension. We agreed and she has been giving us daily instructions of how she wishes us to proceed. This website has been one of her directives.

About Us

Divine Mother's Team

Divine Mother is directing a small team who are beginning to put into place her wishes for lifting up world consciousness.

Because of her Universal Consciousness and her far-reaching vision she is laying groundwork for earth improvements that are far above the norm of what humans are able to orchestrate.

Divine Mother's Plan

The first aspect that we have been working on now for several months has been to help humans to raise their vibratory level.  Already, billion of souls have been helped by her program. They include individuals from all countries and continents of the world.

She is working in accord with the movement into the Fifth Dimension which means that all souls will, in time, learn to open their hearts to Love. This may take as long as a decade for all souls to reach that level. But already 22% of the people are significantly on the way to reaching the opening of their hearts to love.

As Divine Mother's Plan Unfolds ...

Divine Mother is planning to engage her Children with an entirely new way of living and enjoying life.

She is planning to establish God Light Centers on all 7 Continents. These centers are places where humans will go to renew themselves spiritually, and learn to live in the joy and well-being for which they were created.